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Accelerated Reader At Home

28 March 2020 (by ballycastle)

Pupils from P4-P7 can continue with heir Accelerated Reading at home. You can access AR by logging on to: https://ukhosted20.renlearn.co.uk/2235524/

If you are having difficulty accessing AR via Internet Explorer, try using another browser such as Google Chrome.  The link can also be accessed via our Links section on our App and on our school website.

The children should log in with the AR details they use in school and which were given with the home schools packs.

AR books have not been sent home but many of the books you have at home may be AR books and have quizzes. To check if a book has an AR quiz number you can log on to:

For example, if your child has read Danny the Champion of the World, the AR quiz number 200149 will come up. Your child can enter this quiz number and take the test.

Hopefully this helps and the children can continue to make progress and take their quizzes!