School Vision:


We intend to develop Our School Vision to outline what children gain educationally, physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually from being a member of Ballycastle Integrated Primary School community and how all staff should play their part to ensure this happens.

To do this effectively we need the input of you, the parents of the children we teach.

A questionnaire will be sent home soon to get your opinion on matters you feel are important to the education of your child. We welcome all responses and will use them to create a Shared Vision for Ballycastle Integrated Primary School.

Our Mission Statement 2023-2024:

“Progress through Partnership”

At Ballycastle Integrated Primary School and Nursery Unit, we aspire to provide a rich broad and balanced education in a safe, stimulating environment. As an integrated school we celebrate diversity and prepare children for an ever-changing world. Our success is driven by our desire to facilitate the best possible experience for our children in partnership with parents, governors and our local community.

Ballycastle Integrated Primary School and Nursery Unit will strive to promote an ethos and culture which encourages good attendance and where each pupil will feel valued and secure.