Welcome to P2!



In Literacy we will be doing lots of phonic and word work.  We will carry out tasks which involve cutting and sticking, writing in different colours, making silly sentences and using magnetic letters/phonics cubes.

We will listen to many fiction and non-fiction stories which are all related to our topics.

We complete many written pieces, writing on different formats and in our books. We will be completing some factual writing, including some very interesting facts about nocturnal animals. We will be writing all about the dark after we read ‘The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark’ and we will be doing some group writing retelling the ‘Owl Babies’. 




In Numeracy this term we will be doing lots of number work and ordering and writing big numbers.

We will learn how to add using different methods and games! We will play games with dice and Numicon, both in pairs and in group tasks. 

We will be learning all about shape and their properties and doing shape hunts around our school and newland.

We will sort nocturnal animals/not nocturnal and people who work at night/day into different categories. 

We will be learning all about length and will be measuring different things in and around the school using using Numicon and sammy snake. 

We will also take our Numeracy learning outdoors into our Newland and use natural resources to learn.


World Around Us


This term in Primary 2 we will be learning about road safety and our first topic; ‘Out After dark’. We will learn all about nocturnal animals, people who are out and about at night and sources of light. 

We are planning to invite Daniel into our classroom to tell us all about nocturnal animals.  He is goimg to set up a special night-time camera which will take some video footage of the animals who visit our newland at night while we are all tucked up in our beds! 

We will be learning about clothes and where different materials come from.