Welcome to P7!

P7 Autumn Term 2023

 Here is a quick insight to what P7 will be covering in the Autumn Term, in Literacy, Numeracy and WAU.


P7 will be covering the following objectives in their writing : 

*  Narrative - Suspense/Thriller based on Halloween.

*  Instructions - How to make and work their own inventions.

*  Persuasive - Pupil Parliament speeches.

*  Poetry - Christmas theme - shape/acrostic poems.

*  Formal letters to Principal re: Head Boy/Girl position.


P7 will be covering the following objectives in their grammar:

*  Revision - Main terms - nouns, adjectives, adverbs, verbs, pronouns, basic punctuation.

*  Connectives (including time connectives).

*  Past/present tense.

*  Reported speech/Direct speech.

*  1st/3rd person.

*  Comparative language.


We will also be continuing to work hard with our reading, handwiriting and spellings.


P7 will be covering the following objectives in their Numeracy:  


*  Place Value – Read and write numbers to 1,000,000.

Read, write and order tenths and hundredths.

Read, write and order decimals to 3 dp.

*  Multiples and factors – Explore and understand these terms.

*  Addition and subtraction – Develop vertical + and – through formal recording.

Understand + is the inverse of -.

Extend + and – to beyond 1000.

Add and subtract tenths/hundredths.

 *  Multiplication – Have quick recall of tables up to 10 x 10

X and ÷ by 10 and 100.

Extend multiplication to a 2 digit/3 digit number by a 2 digit number.

 *  Division – Develop quick recall within 100.

Extend division to any 2/3 digit number by a single digit.

Investigate dividing a number by 10 or 100.

Divide a number by a single digit to answers with up to 2 dp.

We will also be continuing to practise our table and mental maths skills, as well as work hard in our Mathletics.

WAU - Inventions & Ingenuity

 P7 will be covering the following objectives in their WAU:

*  To know a variety of inventors and what they were famous for inventing.

*  To investigate some of the greatest inventions of all time and to know when in time they were created.

*  To investiagte how inventions have developed and changed over time, whether for the better or worse.

*  To design and create their own inventions.

*  To consider how technology will change in the future.