The Nursery have been getting outside to enjoy the Spring sunshine. We got to help Daniel plant an orchard in our Newland, we planted a range of fruit trees and we look forward to wacthing them grow. We celebrated World Maths Day. The children got to come to school dressed in Maths theme clothing and then we went on a number/shape hunt in our Newland. In class we have been learning about the life cycle of a frog. We found some frogspawn in our pond and brought some of it indoors. we have been watching the frogspawn hatch and turn into tadpoles, it is very exciting. We also had a new member of class join us.... Barney Bear. Barney is getting to come visit all the Nursery boys and girls for a sleepover each night. He is really looking forward to playing and helping all his new friends.

Nursery Christmas Performance, 2021