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Autumn Term Literacy

This term we will be revising various aspects of grammar e.g. adjectives, verbs and nouns. We have also learnt about alliteration and will be learning about similes-we often use alliteration in our writing to make it more interesting.

We will be looking at examples of persuasive writing and completing our own pieces of persuasive writing. We are trying really hard to improve our handwriting and use the correct punctuation all the time. 


Autumn Term Numeracy 

This term we are going to be really busy learning lots of new concepts and revising concepts we have already been taught.

We will be developing our knowledge of shapes and will get the chance to discover various types of lines around the classroom e.g. vertical, horizontal, perpendicular and diagonal.

We will also be completing some activities on Data Handling, with particular attention being paid to carroll diagrams and venn diagrams.

Before Christmas we will be learning more about "Time" and will get the chance to set the time on mini clocks.


Autumn Term WAU

This term our topic is "Pirates and Explorers". We are having great fun learning about several famous pirates and discovering what life would have been like on board pirate ships many years ago.

We also learned about the continents of the world and the major oceans and seas.