Welcome to P6!


Autumn Term 2023


Here are some of the objectives P6 will be covering in Term 1

  • Place Value - Become familiar with using  up to 6 digit numbers for rearranging, ordering and calculating.
  • Odd & Even - Understand rules for odd & even numbers.
  • Factors/Multiples & Square Numbers - Be able to identify factors and multiples successfully.  Understand the concept of square numbers and know the first 12. 
  • Rounding - Be able to round a 5 or 6 digit number successfully to the nearest 10, 100 or 1000.   
  • Perimeter - Be able to calculate the perimeter of both regular and irregular shapes. 
  • Area - Be able to calculate the area of both regular and irregular shapes. 
  • Reflections - Reflect a complex shape across a regular or diagonal line. 
  • 2D Shape/Triangles - Be able to identify and 2D shapes and types of triangles along with their main properties.
  • 3D Shape - Be able to identify more 3D shapes and know their main properties. 
  • Multiplying - Building on our multiplication techniques. 
  • Units of Time - Know all the units of time and be able to transfer between them.


Here are some of the objectives we will be covering in Term 1


  • We will be developing our fictional writing with an adventure story, an invisible story, a ghost story at Halloween and a fable with a modern twist on the Christmas story.
  • We will build on our poetry skills looking at various styles of poetry and writing our own, including one with a Remembrance theme.
  • We will be looking at recount writing with a diary entry about an expedition to the Arctic.
  • We will also be looking at procedural writing including how to make an igloo.


  •  We will be developing our skills in alphabetical order.
  • The importance of the capital letter and all the times it is used.
  • Common homophones such as were and their.
  • Nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs - being able to identify them and use them correctly.
  • Compound Words, synonyms & antonyms - understanding their meanings and using them correctly.

World Around Us

Here are some of the objectives we will be looking at in Term 1

Poles Apart is our topic for the term, looking at the unique habitats of the Arctic and the Antarctic.

  • We will be looking at pictures and videos to help understand how amazing and different these landscapes are.
  • Understanding where they are in the world and why they are so cold. 
  • Comparing and contrasting both locations.
  • Looking at animals that are found in the Arctic and Antarctic and the adaptions they have to survive the extreme cold.
  • We will also be looking at the Inuit people and how they live such different lives from ourselves.
  • Studying the skill of building an igloo.
  • Finally the major issue of global warming and how it is affecting these precious habitats.

It was lovely to enjoy some sunshine on our first day of school.