Our School Council

Congratulations to our new school councillors for this year! 

Elections took place in September and two representatives from each class from P4 - P7 were chosen. 

Last term we were very busy planning Mrs Evans's retirement!

School councillors thought it would be a nice idea for Mrs Evans to join the children at dinner time in her final week as Principal. 

School Councillors met together with Class Councils to plan a dinner menu for Mrs Evans - based on her favourite foods from the dinner hall.

P6 Councillors typed up the dinner menu and made it into a special invitation for Mrs Evans. 

She was very touched that the pupils wanted to share their lunch time with her and was glad of a day off dinner duty in the canteen!!

 Our new Principal, Mrs McGuigan is looking forward to working with the School Councillors this year and cannot wait to develop their ideas with them.






Why do we need a School Council?

-We can all help to make our school better.

-Adults don't always have the answers, children can help to see things differently.

-Decisions made in school affect us all.  Children should have a say in decisions which affect them.

-Everyone is an important part of our school.  We should all have a say in how it is run.

What does a School Council do?

-Listen to pupils in their class and take views to the Council.

-Let their class know what was discussed at the meetings.

-Go to School Council meetings and take part in discussions.

-Get involved in projects run by the Council.