Our School Council

Congratulations to our new school councillors for this year! 

Elections took place in September and two representatives from each class from P4 - P7 were chosen

and introduced to the whole school in assembly.


This term we have been busy planning a set of playground rules. 

Class councils met together first to discuss the issue and each class produced a list of rules. 

School council took everyone's ideas on board and made a list of rules that were suitable for all classes to understand and follow. 

We hope to have these displayed in the playground soon. 


School and Eco Councillors took a recent whole school assembly to introduce Friendship Week in November.  During this we showed a Pixar video clip called "For the Birds" and through this clip we talked about how to be a good friend to others.


We also decided that  we are going to fundraise for Cancer Fund for Children and we are planning to decorate the Presbyterian Church for the P1, 2, 3 Carol Service in December.





Our School Councillors 2019 - 2020

Our School Council and Eco Council Assembly

Why do we need a School Council?

-We can all help to make our school better.

-Adults don't always have the answers, children can help to see things differently.

-Decisions made in school affect us all.  Children should have a say in decisions which affect them.

-Everyone is an important part of our school.  We should all have a say in how it is run.

What does a School Council do?

-Listen to pupils in their class and take views to the Council.

-Let their class know what was discussed at the meetings.

-Go to School Council meetings and take part in discussions.

-Get involved in projects run by the Council.