The School Day


School opens at 8.35am.  The first bell rings at 8.45am – pupils go out for morning outside play. 

Pupils are expected to be in school before the second bell rings at 8.55am when lessons start. 


Parents arriving after 8.55am with a pupil will be asked to leave the pupil at the front door where they will be met by a member of staff.  The front door will only be opened via buzzer after 8.55am. 




Our Supervision Policy sets out clear guidance for pupils, staff and parents – here are some of the main points: -


§     Pupils on site when the school doors are not open are not supervised by the school and remain the responsibility of parents;


§    At break & lunch pupils may leave the play ground, New Land, the canteen (or on wet days the classroom) to go to the toilet provided they have sought permission from a member of staff;


§     Pupils are not permitted to remain in the classroom at break or lunch for any reason unless they are supervised by a member of staff;


§   Only pupils who have a note from home requesting that they remain inside at break or lunch will be able to do so – the reason must be medical;


§ No child is allowed to leave the school at break or lunch, even with a parent, until checks have been made with the Secretary, Class Teacher or Principal/Senior Teacher.






P1, P2 & P3 go home at 2pm every day (unless attending a club until 3pm or 4pm Monday-Thursday).


P4 to P7 go home at 3pm Monday to Thursday (unless attending a club until 4pm Monday-Thursday, note that Film Club ends at 5.15pm) and at 2pm on Friday.  


All pupils go home at 12 noon on the Wednesday and Thursday of Parent/Teacher Meeting week in October and February and at 2pm for the rest of the week. There are no clubs during Parent/Teacher Meeting Week.