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Internet Safety: Viral Media Scares

28 February 2019 (by ballycastle)

Part of the Northern Ireland Curriculum covers eSafety – teaching children how to stay safe online.

In BIPS our P6 & P7 pupils attend workshops every year hosted by outside agencies during which the children are given very specific guidance on how to stay safe online. This is in addition to other eSafety lessons we cover throughout the year. Classes from P1 to P5 have age appropriate lessons on staying safe in general. Whilst in school our pupils have very controlled and therefore limited internet access - they do not have access to Facebook, YouTube, Instagram or WhatsApp. It is the responsibility of parents to know what their child/children has access to outside of school when using tablets, PCs or mobile phones etc. and to ensure that this access is closely monitored in order to protect them from ‘viral media scares’. Such ‘scares’ are frequently appearing on Social Media and the internet.  We will continue to teach our pupils about eSafety on an ongoing basis.