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14 December 2020 (by ballycastle)

A word of thanks to all our parents, carers, grandparents and child minders for your co-operation and understanding throughout last week.

The staff all very much appreciate your kind words and comments regarding the organisation and effort put into running the Walking Bus.  The road re-opened this morning - it's good to be back to normal!  Thanks also to the workmen who were more than helpful and considerate towards the children as they were moving along the Quay Road.  The children were fantastic and loved to see the big machines doing their work!!!  I would like to express my thanks to the class teachers, assistants and to the Crossing Patrolman who did such a fantastic job escorting the children to and from school.  Special thanks to the assistants who came into work early or on their days off so that we had plenty of staff to run things safely.  I think we all slept well on Friday night!!! Mrs Evans.