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Final week of the Autumn Term

10 December 2020 (by ballycastle)

School remains open next week.

It has been reported in the media that some schools in Northern Ireland have decided to offer remote learning to their pupils for the final week of term.  These schools have been very badly affected by coronavirus with several classes/bubbles as well as staff having to isolate.  In some cases, the school has had to close for two weeks. Thankfully our school has remained open with only a tiny number of pupils having to isolate as a member of their family has tested positive.  We have had no positive cases within our staff or pupil body so far. We are continuing with our rigorous handwashing and cleaning routines; classes stay within their bubbles all day long and staggered arrival and dismissal times remain in place. 

Everyone has a part to play to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.  If children are not in school next week they should not be mixing with other households, going on playdates or meeting with friends. Community transmission is reported as the main means of spreading this virus.

Given that we all want to meet with our families over the Christmas period and that this will be mainly indoors there is an increased likelihood that there will be a third wave in January which may necessitate more stringent restrictions for each and everyone of us.  

Please do all that you can to stay safe and well over the next few weeks.