Spring Term Numeracy

This term, we will be looking at the following topics: Time, division, fractions – mixed to improper and equivalent fractions.  angles, decimals, length, negative numbers, weight and co-ordinates.  We will also be building on our speed and consistence with tables and calculations and reinforcing our numeracy using Mathletics.

Welcome to P6!

Spring Term Literacy


This term, we will be looking at persuasive writing and the importance of language in our written work. We will also be looking at recount writing and linking it to our class topics.  We will study a variety of inspiration for our writing and poetry, using music and short video clips.  Of course not forgetting to develop our spellings and grammar.






Spring Term WAU


This term we will be learning about 'The Body'.  We will be looking at all the amazing things inside us that keep us alive and kicking.  We will also be looking at how they link together and work in teams to do their jobs.  There will be lots of fascinating (and gory) facts to discover. 

We also like to get out and about to do our work and make the most of our local surroundings!

Here are some of our highlights from Term 1...

Some Christmas themed STEM challenges to finish  the term!!

We got our reindeers to fly...with one heading straight for the north pole!!

We made 3 Tier Snowmen and Elves on Shelves...

Finally we experimented with circuits to make some light up/movable Christmas pictures.

Exploring some 3D shape in numeracy.

Odd Sock Day

Halloween Fun

Creating our own times tables games.