Welcome to P7!

World Around Us - Spring Term 2017

Our theme this term has been 'The Rainforest'.  The children enjoyed learning about where rainforests can be found in the world, the different layers which make up a rainforest and the animals which live in it.  They have also learned about the tribes people of the rainforest and the problems which humans can cause eg.  deforestation.  The children also took part in a salmon project, where they had to look after salmon eggs until they hatched and then place them into the local river.  We were all surprised at how many salmon actually hatched and survived!!

Literacy - Spring Term 2017

This term we have been looking at ways to improve our reading and have had a real push in our Accelerated Reading.  We have managed to take lots more tests and have had some of our highest results, so far, this year.  We have also been concentrating on improving our spelling and widening our use of punctuation, throughout our writing.

Numeracy - Spring Term 2017

In Numeracy, this term, we faced our fears and tackled the dreaded fractions!!  We discovered that fractions are really not as scary as we first thought and did, overall, remarkably well.  We also delved into the world of angles; being able to identify acute, obtuse, reflex angles etc, aswell as being able to use angle measurers to both draw and measure given angles.

In other news....

*As part of our Shared Education work with St.Patrick's & St. Brigid's, we also visited Woodhall & Bushmills Education Centres to take part in some fun team-building activities.  We were lucky with the weather on both days and had a fantastic time all round.

*As part of Eco-Week, we used the iPads to create some of our very own Eco-videos.  The point of these were to highlight ways in which we can look after the environment.  Hopefully, you agree we did a pretty good job.  Please see examples below....