Welcome to P7! 

Welcome to P7.  Find out, each term,  what we have been getting up to in; Numeracy, Literacy and World Around Us.

Spring Term Numeracy

This term, we have been.........

Spring Term Literacy

In Literacy, this term, we will be...

Spring Term WAU

Our theme for the Spring term is 'Inventions & Ingenuity'.  This is a really fun theme which allows the children to be creative and which let their imaginations run wild.  Throughout the term, we will be finding out about famous inventors, inventions that changed the world, potential inventions of the future and the children, themselves, will be designing and making items to solve challenging problems.  It's going to be great!!

P7 Homework/Things to Remember Information

Monday - Pupils to return signed report cards.

Spellings, Tables, Numeracy & Literacy homework given out.

Guided Reading given out.

Tuesday - PE.  Remember kits.

Spelling practice.

Wednesday - Guided Reading given out. 

Spelling practice.

Thursday - Spelling practice.

Friday- Spelling, Tables, Numeracy & Literacy homework to be returned.

PE.  Remember kits.