Our School Houses

There are four House groups in our school.  They have a name and associated colour as shown below:







Pupils are organised into their House group in P1 and they remain in the same House for the duration of their time at BIPS.  Each house has a House captain (P7 pupil) and vice-captain (P6 pupil) for the school year.  Elections take place at the beginning of the school year and the following pupils were elected for 2018/19.


  KNOCKLAYDE     Eimear    (Captain),    Jemima  (Vice-Captain)

RATHLIN         Kayla  (Captain),     Kayden  (Vice-Captain)

GLENSHESK      Kira-Star  (Captain),    Cara  (Vice-Captain)

   FAIRHEAD           Oscar  (Captain),     Coen  (Vice-Captain)


Housepoints are awarded by adults in school for a variety of purposes including politeness, kindness, positive behaviour, positive attitude and great work.  Pupils can check the House Point display board in the hall to see their House's score for the current month.  Remember the House that collects the most House Points throughout the year will win the prized House Point Trophy!