BIPS Kidzone


Here at BIPS we provide an after school child care facility called Kidzone, from 2pm until 6pm, during term time. 

It has become very popular with both busy parents and students, who look forward to meeting up with friends and making new friends from different classes.

Children get the chance to complete homework with us at Kidzone.  This frees up their time at home in the evening.  After homework, the children need some down time to just chill out and relax.  We provide computers for games, colouring in, tv programmes, books to read and outdoor/hall play for games such as dodgeball, football and basketball.

Our dedicated leaders organise new and exciting activities every week and some of our favourite treat days have been:


*Movie Mania days - This is a cinema styled treat day watching a fun movie, with lots of sweet treats and drinks included.

*Chocolate Madness - Where the children get to be Willy Wonka for the day and have designed their own chocolate bars, buns and hot chocolate.

*Mad Scientists - We have made slime using a range of different ingredients including;  hair conditioner, food colouring and PVA glue.  This was a definite winner and will be repeated again.

*Outdoor Trips - We like to get the children out in the fresh air, so weather permitting we arrange trips to the park and beach.  Sometimes we stop for a sneaky ice-cream too.

*Kidzone's Got Talent - We know that every child in our care has an amazing talent.  During this fun afternoon, we had kids showing off dance moves, singing karaoke, juggling and even showing off some football tricks.  Look out HOLLYWOOD!! 



Download our BIPS School App for more details on forthcoming events.


If you would like to book your child a place at Kidzone, then please text Noelene on 07546056724